Geological and Geotechnical Studies

Knowing the composition of the soil, its characteristics as well as determining the risks, something we can do for you.

The importance of these studies

They are necessary to know the most suitable type of foundation for a work to be built, based on the bearing capacity of the soil. Necessary to avoid possible failures in the structure.

Tipos de Estudios


Through which the real distribution of the subsurface resistivity is determined, in a 2D modeling


A test used to find out the resistance distribution of the soil. Applying electrical charges to the ground to observe its behavior, taking advantage of the electrical properties of the materials that make up the subsoil.


This study determines the appropriate depth based on the projects to be carried out, such as the construction of dams and large hydroelectric plants, to determine the conditions of the area where the structures will settle, as well as where the tunnels will be made. Another application of the study is the detection of geological faults.


Study that allows to identify the drilling points for wells.

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Our Collaborator

PROGEO, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Company specialized in geophysics, geology, hydrogeology, water quality and environment.