Construction is an art just like your imagination, so we make your wishes possible.

Constructions in PROECSA

We have more than 10 years of experience in the area.

Why trust PROECSA?

Javier Suazo

General Director

Civil Engineer / Master in Calculation of Civil Works Structures

Project types


  We specialize in building what you want, buildings, houses, roofing, minor works, everything related to the construction of structures, at PROECSA we handle it.




Roads are synonymous with development, so we must take care of them and make them as efficient as possible, one of our specialties.


Avoiding problems with sewage is necessary for your health and comfort, which is why drainage systems are essential either for your home or residential area.



The constructions must satisfy the needs of the owner and those of the design, therefore, it is essential that they be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the calculations.

Our experience

  1. Construcción de Bodega, “Bodega don Julio”, Lepaera, Lempira, Febrero, 2021.
  2. Construcción casa de habitación, 200m2, Residencial el Mirador, Santa Rosa de Copan. Enero 2021.
  3. Construcción de Oficina de mantenimiento empresa “Geo-platanares”, San Andres Minas, La Unión Copán, Julio 2018.
  4. Remodelación / Construcción, casa de habitación, 120m2, Residencial Altos de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa de Copán, agosto 2018.
  5. Construcción de muros de contención para torres de linea de conducción, empresa “Geo-platanares”, Departamento de Copán, Abril, 2017.
  6. Construcción de dos casas de habitación, 400m2, Residencial las Acacias, Santa Rosa de Copán, Agosto, 2017.
  7. Casa de Habitación, 250m2, Residencial Bosques de Copán, Santa Rosa de Copán, Marzo 2015
  8. Construcción de edificio Bufete Reyes, 300m2, Bo. Santa Teresa, Santa Rosa de Copán, Junio 2014